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Most body wraps do not work and can even be harmful, but if you choose wisely you can experience great results. A good body wrap will remove toxins from your body and replace them with essential vitamins and minerals. There should be no dehydration, heat or sweating involved. Your chosen wrap should offer an inch loss guarantee to ensure that the wrap actually does something, and ingredients must be food grade rather than agricultural grade to ensure your safety against potentially dangerous levels of arsenic, cadmium or lead.

Suddenly Slimmer is Atlanta's largest provider of healthy, all natural, non-dehydrating, food grade mineral body wraps. We focus entirely on providing body wraps that work – they are not our side business. Suddenly Slimmer has performed over 20,000 wraps in Atlanta, and is the only authorized provider of the proven Suddenly Slender Body Wrap System in Atlanta - the body wraps you've seen on The View, Tyra, Rachael Ray, Ellen, CNN and The Doctors. Over 14 million of these wraps have been performed throughout the world in the last 40 years. Besides becoming suddenly slimmer after the wraps, you will experience skin rejuvenation and toning, cellulite and stretch-mark reduction and renewed energy for those suffering from mineral deficiencies. Arthritis, fibromyalgia and thyroid sufferers have also noted improvement in their muscles and joints as a result of our wraps.

Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta is the exclusive provider of the Supreme Wrap, one of the world’s highest quality wraps, offering the largest inch loss guarantee of 14-30 inches lost with your first wrap, or your next wrap is free! This is an ironclad guarantee: There are no gimmicks and no games! Suddenly Slimmer's highly trained staff will ensure you enjoy your visit and achieve your desired results, and we will customize a program of wraps and body sculpting techniques specifically to meet your body's needs.

Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta is owned and operated by Julie and Michael Tracey, who started the business after experiencing fantastic results from a series of Suddenly Slender wraps. Julie reduced from a size 12 to size 8 and Michael dropped 1 pant size. Julie explains "Our healthy body wraps remove the two main causes of cellulite and flab; your body's toxic waste and the retained water used to dilute that waste, which are both stored in the fatty layer below the skin. Once removed our proprietary mineral soaked bandages compress previously stretched fat cells and restore skin elasticity, thus eliminating bulges, cellulite and stretch-marks and achieving inch loss. Our wraps are not weight loss wraps, but due to the increased minerals, energy and detoxification most clients experience weight loss over the course of a wrap package. The great news is that results are permanent as long as you don't increase your weight and receive a maintenance wrap every 2 to 3 months to detoxify. Many of our clients choose to continue to get wrapped monthly for the health and beauty benefits and just to feel great!"

We would love for you to experience the most powerful wraps in the US. Why not let us help you achieve your goals, whether it be recapturing your figure from your youth, reducing signs of aging, increasing your energy, or just getting rid of those problem areas? Just call or click to request an appointment.

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