Age Reversal Wrap®

Now there's a safe choice for skin rejuvenation without risky surgery.

We all want our skin to look as fantastic as it did when we were young. Suddenly Slimmer's Age Reversal Wrap will help you achieve attractive, youthful looking skin again!

The advanced formula in The Age Reversal Wrap incorporates key ingredients that promote fast skin regeneration, suppleness and elasticity, lifting and tightening, and repair of damaged or scarred skin. This wrap also provides your body with essential vitamins and minerals, detoxifies, and sculpts targeted areas.

The Age Reversal Wrap will rejuvenate dry, leathery, sun damaged skin. You'll be amazed at how quickly stretch-marks and cellulite are smoothed away. This wrap is perfect for people that have lost a lot of weight but are frustrated with loose and baggy skin - and think that painful surgery is their only option. The Age Reversal Wrap truly is the solution: With just a few wraps, your skin will be noticeably tighter. If you have uneven bumps and scars from Lipo, Tummy Tucks or C-Sections, this wrap will help firm, tighten and tone your skin and significantly reduce the appearance of scarring.

The Age Reversal Wrap is the second wrap of our Ultimate Wrap Series and can be purchased individually or as part of an Ultimate Wrap package. After your first wrap, our qualified wrap technician will assist you with a plan that addresses your body's specific needs.

Age Reversal Wrap and Ultimate Wrap are trademarks of Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta.
Ultimate Wrap formulae are the exclusive property of Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta.

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