Essential Therapy Wrap®

Are you lethargic, suffering from aches and pains, or physically and emotionally drained?

The Essential Therapy Wrap® is created from a lexicon of all natural ingredients, including trace elements and anti-oxidants that help support the body's normal growth and repair mechanisms, fortify the body's immune system, assist with detoxification, and promote emotional well being.

The Essential Therapy Wrap® will help those with joint pain, poor circulation and muscle pain, those recovering from an illness, and can help those who are depressed, fatigued or suffering from slowed reflexes. This wrap encourages healthier nails, skin and hair, and will aid with inch loss and weight loss.

The Essential Therapy Wrap® is the third wrap of our Ultimate Wrap Series and can be purchased individually or as part of an Ultimate Wrap package. After your first wrap, our qualified wrap technician will assist you with a plan that addresses your body's specific needs.

Essential Therapy Wrap and Ultimate Wrap are trademarks of Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta.
Ultimate Wrap formulae are the exclusive property of Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta.

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