How is Face Taping Done?

How is it done? As a first step, we observe carefully the face and notice any obvious areas needing help. You clean your face with a no-grit, no-chemical cream that rolls off dead skin. The cream is composed of food grade ingredients which work easily into the skin.

After the dead skin is rolled off, the face is washed. The person lays down comfortably with their face up. This allows the facial tissue to relax, smoothing out naturally from simple gravitational pull. Highly porous tape is then used to lift any sagging tissue into its proper place.

The cheeks, brows, jaw and areas around the eyes where wrinkles or sagging occur are adjusted and taped. Once the taping is complete, the face is wrapped with our special mineral solution.

Mineral-soaked pads are placed over the eyes (which help with dark circles). The eye pads also help the area by reducing the signs of any bags or puffiness around the eyes. With the eyes still covered, one quietly relaxes for 20 minutes. The pads and bandages are replaced with new ones which remain in place for an additional 20 minutes to allow fresh solution to work its magic.

Following this period, the pads, bandages and tape are removed. A final wrap of bandages, eye pads and mineral solution is applied at this time. After 10 minutes it is removed and an all-natural, moisturizing cream is applied.

The startling visual improvements will be observable at this point.

Look 6-20 inches slimmer in 1 hour...Guaranteed!


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