Flat Tummy Additive

"I had cellulite and a “poof” on my tummy which completely went away during my wrap. I know our clients are going to LOVE the new Flat Tummy Additive. Can't wait to get back to our shop and use it!!"

The Flat Tummy Additive was designed to assist the body in the proper metabolism of sugar. Sugar was intended to be an energy source, yet when we consume sugary foods we find we are tired and logy. Remember that there is some form of sugar in almost all foods. The Flat Tummy formula encourages the proper metabolic response to those food sugars. Energy is the first thing noted, the second is that weight loss is focused on the middle of the body. Evidently improperly metabolized sugar in the past was primarily added as fat from the midriff to the upper thigh area and this is exactly where Patrons who have this additive note their major weight losses occur. When the body is burning fat it has available to it a large number of calories so appetite is radically reduced and eating habits change for the better. We are achieving astonishing results with both of the above additives.

Look 6-20 inches slimmer in 1 hour...Guaranteed!

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