Yewande Launches the "New Year New You" Challenge [Jan 2013]

December 20, 2012 - Atlanta, Ga - Alternative Soul artist Yewande and Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta, launch the "New Year, New You", Suddenly Slimmer Challenge. The 6 week campaign rolled out in print ads, online campaigns and live performances starting December 13, to January 26, 2013. In addition, Yewande posts regular updates of her progress with, photographs and video journal entries. The challenge will come to its close with Suddenly Slimmer meet n' greets and a culminating music video-style commercial that will show Yewande before and after her inch-loss journey.

In the summer of 2012, Yewande underwent a life-saving surgery that cured her heart condition, but just 2 weeks later, she developed a blood clot that led to a collapsed lung and pneumonia. Her body was weak from being immobile and her system was sluggish from all of the medications. She then recalled her several experiences with Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta and wondered if the wraps could assist in her final phase of recovery. Yewande says, "My hunch was right. After the very first wrap in October, my energy was back for the first time in months. I finally started to feel normal again." She goes on to say, "I became more productive, energetic and confident that it was time to get back to the one thing that meant the most to me, my music. The record label wanted me to shoot a video for my second single "War", but I wasn't completely ready to resume a normal fitness schedule so the wraps helped me get in shape for the video shoot in October". The inch loss journey and the benefits of the Suddenly Slimmer Wraps are also preparing Yewande for a series of upcoming national campaigns that are slated for 2013 and beyond.

The campaign will include the following dates (some dates may be subject to change):
  • 12/30 - Exclusive Suddenly Slimmer Party - Atlanta's top taste makers, event planners, modeling agents and fitness trainers join Yewande to experience Suddenly Slimmer's services first hand.
  • 1/11/13 - Suddenly Slimmer Media. "Meet and Greet" - Come and meet spokesperson Yewande and the owners of Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta to learn more about her journey, her incredible results and the "New Year, New You" campaign while you get wrapped up to slim down.
  • 1/4/13 - 1/18/13 - "Why Do You Want to Be Suddenly Slimmer?" Video Challenge: Entrants will submit a 2 minute long video on Youtube about why they want to get a mineral body wrap. One (1) winner will get a FREE Supreme wrap and Nine (9) others will get a Supreme wrap for 70% off.
  • 1/19/13 - "Why Do You Want to Be Suddenly Slimmer?" Party (10 Friends and Fans Total) 

About Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta

Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta is owned and operated by Julie and Michael Tracey and was created out of their desire to create a business that would enhance their lives as well make a positive impact on the lives of others. In doing so they have become the only spa in Atlanta that specializes in body wraps and the only spa that offers a highest inch loss guarantee in the US. Suddenly Slimmer's mineral body wraps are non-dehydrating and extremely effective for skin tightening and reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Their "Supreme" Wrap guarantees a loss of 14-30 inches in the first wrap or the next one is FREE!

About Yewande

From BET to MTV, Yewande has been recognized as one of the most sought after independent artists in the world. In an industry that doesn.t always celebrate "different", her unique blend of soul, rock and pop music has led to performances with the likes of the Black Eyed Peas, India Arie, Enrique Iglesias, Maroon 5 and A Simple Plan. As Phoenix Records. "First Lady of Alternative Soul", her highly anticipated album "Rebirth" is sure to solidify her position in music history. When not on stage this award-winning lecturer, social activist and honorary U. S. Cultural Ambassador produces music-based empowerment initiatives for some of the world.s most vulnerable children from Africa to the Americas through her humanitarian organization (

Suddenly Slimmer: [Facebook] [Twitter] [Youtube]

Yewande: [Website]

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