With the recent advent of day spas and such things as herbal beauty salons, there are as many different kinds of body wraps available today as there are stars in the sky. They run the gamut from herbal body wraps to seaweed wraps to clay wraps to outright plastic encasement. However, almost all of these fall into the category of pampered napping. While they may make you feel nice for a while, they do nothing to help you look better or feel healthier. And even worse, many of them actually do harm to the body. Saran wraps actually cut off the normal exchange of air through the skin, which can cause severe overheating and skin asphyxiation. And other mineral wraps do nothing more than draw water out of the body. Besides being dangerously dehydrative, any benefit in your figure immediately disappears as soon as you drink some water.

However, Suddenly Slender mineral wraps are different. Using our proprietary all-natural electrolytes and mineral wrap, along with our exclusive certified technique, we are able to visually tighten and tone all areas of the body. We produce significant, noticeable results with just 1 wrap!

"Thank you for The Body Wrap! In just one month I am visibly smaller, my body looks great and feels great! My skin is much smoother and I have much more energy. Keep up the good work!" - G. H.

"I would like to thank you and The Body Wrap for changing my appearance in just three wraps. I see a definite improvement. Thanks again." - V. K.

"Pat and I just wanted to thank you for the experience of the body wrap. I was amazed to show a significant improvement in just three wraps. The most significant change was in my face and I have kept the great look. I was really happy about the appearance of my waist, legs and the "lift" on my buttocks..." - B. B.

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