I was very skeptical and not sure of what to expect. I had 3 wraps in 1 day and I felt energized and lighter after the wraps. I lost 34 inches in 3 wraps. I had a long term bruise on my backside and it decreased rapidly. The process went by quickly and my wrap technician kept me encouraged. The results were great!

Andrea. 3 wraps, 34 inches lost.

These wraps are awesome! My wedding was a week away and I couldn't zip up my dress. After my first wrap I not only could zip up my dress but I could also breathe. Thanks Suddenly Slimmer!

Amber. 2 wraps, 14.5 inches lost.

I was skeptical at first but now I am a believer! My cellulite is gone! I have had many compliments from friends who had no idea I was coming to Suddenly Slimmer. I can tell a difference in the way my clothes fit. I am almost down a size. I will keep up my wraps for sure!

Tami. 5 visits, 29 inches lost.

My stomach is very stretched due to carrying twins. After one wrap my excess skin and stretch-marks have drastically reduced. I will definitely come back to Suddenly Slimmer!

Imani. First visit, 13 inches lost.

I've been a long time customer of Suddenly Slimmer. I was apprehensive at first but decided to try it. My first wrap lost over 10 inches. Jeans that were tight fit like a glove the next day. I've told countless friends, co-workers and family about my success. I will continue to come to Suddenly Slimmer. It really does make cellulite disappear, slim my thighs, lift my butt and my chest and minimize stretch marks. This is truly the best experience I've ever had!

Nicole. 9 visits, over 35 inches lost

I was thrilled with the results from just my first visit. I was able to see an immediate reduction in wrinkles, sagging and overall smoother appearance along with tighter and firmer look of my skin. I will definitely be referring friends and returning. The staff was wonderful as well.

Sarabeth. 2 wraps, 10 inches lost.

I came in after losing 40 pounds to get my loose skin tightened and toned. The measurement dropped 10 inches with most of the loss in my problem areas of lower stomach and thighs. I enjoyed the experience.

Debbie. First wrap, 10 inches lost.

After having bariatric surgery I thought my only option was to have expensive reconstructive surgery to remove excess skin. Then I saw a commercial for Suddenly Slimmer. So I was like why not try this first. On my first visit I lost 25 inches! I plan to keep on getting wrapped until I get the results I want and it is a lot cheaper than reconstructive surgery.

Kimberley. 3 visits, 36 inches lost.

This was my first visit to Suddenly Slimmer and I was skeptical about the company's claims about inch loss. After an hour being wrapped I noticed the changes to my body especially my upper legs and waist as I was being unwrapped. The areas looked so much smoother. I can't wait to report to my friends what I've experienced. Now I feel better about myself.

Christina. First visit, 21 inches lost.


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