Supreme Wrap®

Now you can lose an incredible 14 to 30 inches in just 2 hours... Guaranteed!

As the name suggests, this is the finest wrap you will find anywhere in the world. The Supreme Wrap is the wrap of choice for clients that want the absolute best for their body. This wrap combines all of the benefits of our 3 Ultimate wraps into one elite wrap, which means you’ll get the highest quality wrap available in the market. And with the convenience and cost savings of three wraps in one.

The Supreme Wrap is our first "3 in 1" wrap combining the Ultra Slim wrap for stunning inch loss, Age Reversal for fantastic skin, and Essential Therapy for energy and well being. In addition, we've added an Inch Loss Booster to create the best inch loss guarantee ever.

When used as a first wrap we guarantee that you will lose 14 to 30 inches in just 2 hours or your next wrap is free! That's more than twice any other inch loss guarantee!

The results are astounding. Here are some of the inches lost during a limited trial period:

11/9 – Erica – 23.3"
11/11 – Maggie – 17.2"
11/12 – Libby – 16"
11/15 - Cristin - 14 1/2"
11/16 – Lisa – 16 1/2"
11/16 – Suzanne – 17 1/3"
11/17 – Linda – 15 1/2
11/17 - Rachel - 14.6"
11/17 - Andi - 22.5"
11/17 - Sindhu - 16.7"

*Results are obtained by measuring in 19 places on the body, both before and after the wrap.

The Supreme Wrap can be purchased individually or as part of a package. After your first wrap, our qualified wrap technician will assist you with a plan that addresses your body's specific needs.

Supreme Wrap and Inch Loss Booster are trademarks of Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta.
Supreme Wrap and Inch Loss Booster formulae are the exclusive property of Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta.

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