Visual Tour Of A Body Wrap

Below you will find a visual tour of how a body wrap is applied. If you need more information about our body wraps, please contact us so we can answer your questions fully. Take A Tour Of Our Spa

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Body Wrap PreparationWraped In BandagesPlacement of Bandages

A trained wrap technician wraps the Patron in bandages soaked in our exclusive mineral solutions, visibly contouring the body with each placement of the porous bandages.

Exclusive TechniquesSoaked BandagesWraps Designed To Visibly Contour Body

The exclusive techniques used in applying the mineral soaked bandages is designed to help visibly contour/shape the body with tension applied to specific areas throughout the wrap.

Wrap TechniciansApply Bandages With Specific PurposeReduce Lift And Tone

Our Wrap Technicians are trained to apply bandages with a specific purpose, to help visibly reduce, lift and tone areas of the body.

Patron Is Fully WrappedBasted With Exclusive Mineral SolutionLook And Feel Wonderful

Once the patron is fully wrapped, they are "basted" all over with our exclusive mineral solution. A poncho is applied to help retain the body's natural heat. After an hour, the wraps are removed and you feel and look wonderful!


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