Weight Loss Additive

"A triple hit! It had been a stressful time at work for me - long hours, poor eating, added pounds, lethargic. The wrap with the weight loss additive resulted in the loss of 3 pounds, lost inches, less aching joints and renewed energy... Strongly recommend."

The new weight loss additive is a powerful mix to detox the body at the highest level achievable to date. Removing these excessive toxins and the water diluting it is resulting in weight loss and additional inch loss, especially in the most problematic areas for each client. It also leads to a period of "super cleansing" after the wrap for continued weight and inch loss as it starts breaking down fat for days (as long as reasonable eating and exercise habits are utilized.)

No sweating or dehydration, and an average incremental weight loss of 2 pounds within 24 hours of the wrap! That's in addition to the inch loss and skin tightening and toning you already get from our wraps. You can add our new weight loss additive to any full body ultraslim or supreme wrap, as those have the best base of ingredients to allow the weight loss additive to work properly.

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