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Body Wraps

We offer 3 different tiers of mineral body wraps, each with their own advantages! Take a look at the different options to see which wrap can best meet your needs. We also offer additives for additional smoothing and weight loss effects. 

Elite Wraps

Now you can lose an incredible 14 to 30 inches in just 2 hours… Guaranteed! 

As the name suggests, this is the finest wrap you will find anywhere in the world. The Supreme Wrap is the wrap of choice for clients that want the absolute best for their body. This wrap combines all of the benefits of our 3 Ultimate wraps into one elite wrap, which means you’ll get the highest quality wrap available in the market. And with the convenience and cost savings of three wraps in one.

The Supreme Wrap is our first “3 in 1” wrap combining the Ultra Slim wrap for stunning inch loss, Age Reversal for fantastic skin, and Essential Therapy for energy and well being. In addition, we’ve added an Inch Loss Booster to create the best inch loss guarantee ever.

Ultimate Wraps

Would you like to lose 10 to 25 inches in just 2 hours… guaranteed?

The Ultra Slim wrap is the most powerful body wrap in the US, giving almost twice the inch loss of most other wraps. Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta is proud to be the only spa in Atlanta offering this super wrap.

This wrap is ideal for anyone looking to lose weight or for those who retain fluids. When used as a first wrap we guarantee you will lose 10 to 25 inches or your next wrap is absolutely free! Ultra Slim is jam packed with extra minerals and other necessary ingredients to maximize inch loss, help with weight loss, detoxify the body, help metabolize sugar, moisturize the skin, aid in nourishing the thyroid, generate increased energy, reduce cellulite, and tighten and tone the skin.

Now there’s a safe choice for skin rejuvenation without risky surgery.

Suddenly Slimmer’s Age Reversal Wrap will help you achieve attractive, youthful looking skin again!

The advanced formula in The Age Reversal Wrap incorporates key ingredients that promote fast skin regeneration, suppleness and elasticity, lifting and tightening, and repair of damaged or scarred skin. This wrap also provides your body with essential vitamins and minerals, detoxifies, and sculpts targeted areas.

The Age Reversal Wrap will rejuvenate dry, leathery, sun damaged skin. You’ll be amazed at how quickly stretch-marks and cellulite are smoothed away. This wrap is perfect for people that have lost a lot of weight but are frustrated with loose and baggy skin – and think that painful surgery is their only option. The Age Reversal Wrap truly is the solution: With just a few wraps, your skin will be noticeably tighter. If you have uneven bumps and scars from Lipo, Tummy Tucks or C-Sections, this wrap will help firm, tighten and tone your skin and significantly reduce the appearance of scarring.

Feeling lethargic, suffering from aches and pains, or physically and emotionally drained?

The Essential Therapy Wrap® is created from a lexicon of all natural ingredients, including trace elements and anti-oxidants that help support the body’s normal growth and repair mechanisms, fortify the body’s immune system, assist with detoxification, and promote emotional well being.

The Essential Therapy Wrap® will help those with joint pain, poor circulation and muscle pain, those recovering from an illness, and can help those who are depressed, fatigued or suffering from slowed reflexes. This wrap encourages healthier nails, skin and hair, and will aid with inch loss and weight loss.

Premier Wraps

Look 6-20 inches slimmer in 1 hour…Guaranteed!

This wonderful formula was developed a few short months after the Anti-Aging wrap. It has many of the same properties, it’s just pumped up to become more POWERFUL! It rejuvenates and smoothes the skin’s appearance to a silky finish, like the Anti-Aging wrap.

In addition, it boasts that it obtains great results through the torso AND leaves behind a dynamic reservoir of ENERGY! With this wrap you will achieve a more toned appearance and will look and feel more invigorated! The procedure is the same for this wrap as the Anti-Aging and Body Lift wraps. You get the best results by alternating wraps and using a variety to ensure you receive the special qualities that each formula has to offer. For a visual tour of this process please see link below.

Look 6-20 inches slimmer in 1 hour…Guaranteed!

Expeditions to China and Ecuador’s rain forest by Betty Mahan, an Educator and Dr. K. Sotomayor of The Research Group, located rare and exotic herbs used in the Anti-Aging Wrap solution. Although the formula is a secret, we can tell you the contents include certain key elements already proven successful in other Suddenly Slender products plus bio-essences from the new imported herbs. 

The challenge and breakthrough came from developing new technologies that maintain over two dozen separate ingredients that are fully active, compatible and in perfect combination in the solution. The long awaited result is the most invigorating, healthful, anti-aging process in the world today. The wrapping process remains the same with all the active stand up wraps, regardless of the solution type. The client is measured and wrapped. After an hour of light exercise with solution reapplied every 20 minutes, the client is re-measured. For a visual tour of this process please see link below. 

Look 6-20 inches slimmer in 1 hour…Guaranteed!

Your skin will feel amazingly soft, smooth and silkier than you have ever felt it. The tighter looking skin is very apparent. You will have more energy which will lead you to a better, healthier lifestyle. Use this wrap in one of your wrap packages for an incredible increase in results.  


Weight Loss

The new weight loss additive is a powerful mix to detox the body at the highest level achievable to date. Removing these excessive toxins and the water diluting it is resulting in weight loss and additional inch loss, especially in the most problematic areas for each client. It also leads to a period of “super cleansing” after the wrap for continued weight and inch loss as it starts breaking down fat for days (as long as reasonable eating and exercise habits are utilized.)

No sweating or dehydration, and an average incremental weight loss of 2 pounds within 24 hours of the wrap! That’s in addition to the inch loss and skin tightening and toning you already get from our wraps. You can add our new weight loss additive to any full body ultraslim or supreme wrap, as those have the best base of ingredients to allow the weight loss additive to work properly.

Flat Tummy

The Flat Tummy Additive was designed to assist the body in the proper metabolism of sugar. Sugar was intended to be an energy source, yet when we consume sugary foods we find we are tired and logy. Remember that there is some form of sugar in almost all foods. The Flat Tummy formula encourages the proper metabolic response to those food sugars. 

Energy is the first thing noted, the second is that weight loss is focused on the middle of the body. Evidently improperly metabolized sugar in the past was primarily added as fat from the midriff to the upper thigh area and this is exactly where Patrons who have this additive note their major weight losses occur. When the body is burning fat it has available to it a large number of calories so appetite is radically reduced and eating habits change for the better. We are achieving astonishing results with both of the above additives.

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