Generally, a body wrap involves applying a solution, lotion, mixture, or gel to the body before wrapping it in order to achieve weight loss, skin rejuvenation, and toning. They also remove toxins from your body and replace them with nutrients. They are a great way to help your body both inside and out!

We are the largest mineral body wrap provider in Atlanta as well as the city’s exclusive provider or the proven Suddenly Slender Body Wrap System (performed over 14 million times). Additionally, our wraps are applied wet and will not dehydrate you. We use the highest food grade ingredients and stay away from heat, plastic, and other harmful methods. Our clients actually  feel refreshed after our wraps rather than dehydrated. 

Anyone can benefit from a mineral body wrap! They are a great way to get ready for swimsuit season, prepare for your upcoming wedding, or to simply get rid of unwanted cellulite and stretch marks. Military personnel also find the wraps beneficial to tighten their waistlines prior to tapings. Clients with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Thyroid issues have also noticed relief after experiencing our wraps. 

Your first mineral body wrap takes about 2 hours and subsequent wraps take around 90 minutes. After a quick consultation with your wrap technician, you will change into undergarments and a robe. Your technician will record your measurements and then begin your wrap. During the wrap you will perform light exercise on a glider for an hour while watching TV. By walking during the wrap, the solution will circulate throughout your body and your lymph system will have improved drainage. You can choose to relax in the wrap in a zero gravity recliner if you prefer. You will then be unwrapped, remeasured, and your wrap will be complete. 

Our technicians take 19 different measurements before and after your wrap. We have 3 tiers of wraps and each has its own inch loss guarantee. Our most powerful wrap, The Supreme, guraenattes 14-30 inches off. If the inches are not lost, your next wrap is free!

Yes. The combination of our solution and compression draws out toxins and pollutants stored in the fatty layers beneath the skin. All fluids from the wrap are collected in plastic bags placed on the hands and feet.

We are located inside Salon Studios in Roswell. Check out our contact page for more information. 

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