Atlanta's largest provider of healthy, all natural, non-dehydrating mineral body wraps.

Lose up to 14-30 inches in 2 hours…guaranteed! 

Unlike many other options, our wraps will not leave you feeling dehydrated. You will actually feel refreshed after!

Mineral body wraps are perfect for those running out of time to slim down for an upcoming event or vacation

Find out why people love mineral body wraps & why over 14 million have been performed in the last 40 years 

We offer an inch loss guarantee - we take 19 measurements and you can loose up to 30 inches with 1 wrap


"The Suddenly Slimmer experience is professional and fun at the same time. The wrap is comfortable and invigorating - something you do for yourself and you see the results immediately. That is the best part! This new advanced formula is AWESOME."

 – Charisse F. (15½ inches lost)

Featured: Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta on Q100's The Bert Show

Watch Bert Weiss, host of the hit radio show The Bert Show, experience his first mineral body wrap on air.

Wraps Performed at Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta
17000 +
"Fantastic results. This is the only wrap for me! I am thrilled with the results!"
Pat M. (13¾ inches lost)​

Instant Results

Guaranteed inch loss in under 2 hours!

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